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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 9, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> this is a live picture showing the san francisco side of the golden gate bridge. traffic is sloeing flowing right now but it will not northbound 3 hours. >> that's because workers will begin installing the movable median barrier some 3500 concrete blocks. this is the bridge tonight as seen from sky 7 hd. >> good evening thanks for joining us. >> abc 7 news reporter sergio
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is at the toll plaza right now. where crew are preparing to block access to the bridge. >>reporter: and in a little less than 3 hours the golden gate bridge is shut down for the longest time ever since it was built and open and we have already seen some of the if moves in motion leading to the shut down this crew of golden gate bridge workers made the path reposition the center divide pile on shifting the flow of traffic by hand for the last time. after this weekend that move will center divide maipd of large pieces placed over the bridge to be installed traffic will be shut down to all cars and trucks until 4 a.m. monday. that work starts at midnight so traffic will be completely shut down by 11:45 tonight. golden gate bridge manager says if you need to get back over plan that right now >> after about 11:45 we are going to close things down and
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start flushing out those last vehicles. so if you are planning oncoming across the bridge you really do need to be here you know 11:30 to be to be safe. >> fv now we have also started seeing the parking lot on both sides of the bridge getting shut down around 9:00 o'clock this evening and that includes the parking lot up at vista point on the marin side of the bridge. now traffic to car and truck shut down but not everyone is going to not be allowed to be on the bridge. pedestrians and bicyclist still allowed over and golden gate transit bus also on the regular route. they will be escorted through the project by golden gate bridge patrol. reporting live at the bridge abc 7 news. >> thanks. as he mention crew installing a manufacture installing a manufacturable median barrier. lillian has more on how it is designed to make crossing the bridge safer. taken on many nickname over
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the year. suicide lane and death lane jaws couple. >> i call it the scary lane. so pretty much everyone knows the middle lane or the scary line you know what you are talking about. lane right next to on come traffic. >>reporter: lane closest to the center divider which for decades has been nothing more than plastic pylon had the share of head on collision. 158 since 1970. resulting in 16 deaths l. soon the concrete steel barrier unit 3500 in all will essentially eliminate head on on the golden gate bridge. workers apply reflective sticker on each of them placed on the bridge soon after the bridge closes after midnight tonight. >> in 1962 we started lane management on the bridge. brand new innovative across the country. excited to have another innovative step to have the narrowest median barrier ever right here on the golden gate bridge. >> despite being touted as the nair oath at 24 inches the new median is still going to take 6 inches off each center lane. 9
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and a half feet instead of 10. >> it's already kind of tight as it is. so to take 6 more inches off seems like a bit but i think people have to slow down. >>reporter: 2 day shut down will be the longest in a span history. workers will use the time not only to install the concrete unit but to practice using the so-called zipper truck. machines that will move the median from one lane to the next. depending on the flow of traffic. closure will no doubt affect tourists many juggle i continue rear and drove to vista point. >> my wife told me about it this morning read about it in the paper so we made the journey out. >>reporter: bridge scheduled to reopen 4 a.m. monday but if the work gets done early it could reopen sooner. golden gate bridge abc 7 news. >> visit us on line for details on closure and detour and information on public transit options. also have a link for you to down load the traffic app ways on your smart phone to help navigate the detour. way is free on the app store or google play sz. we would love
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to have you join the abc 7 fuss group. >> now to the terror in paris. 3 suspected terrorists were taken down in dramatic fashion today. situation. french police storm kosher grocery store in paris killing one suspected terrorist and simultaneously few miles away french commando raided a building kill the two men believed to have shot and killed 12 people during wednesday attack on newspaper office. >> police still searching for a woman suspected of being a terrorist as well. tonight al qaeda in yemen is taking credit forth attack. >>reporter: we have more. >> the day of terror in france ending st with that flash. hostages running for their lives at the scene of one of 2 stand offs that left 3 accused terrorists dead. the first at this printing factory near
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charles degall airport where the brother accused of massacre wednesday paris newspaper charlie were cornered by police charlie were cornered by police. the brothers hole up for hours finally coming outside shingt at officers. before that gun battle that left both brothers dead one called a french tv station. the another cull to the television station from a if this area map who killed an officer thursday was holding hospital substance at this kosher supermarket near paris. he reportedly said he sink row needs his attack with the brothers. if s.w.a.t. team swarmed in killing the man and find and finding 4 hostages dead. tell his accomplice is still on the run. french president holland saying through translator the country remains on high alert. france also knows that it is not over yet. al qae yemen now claimed responsibility for the terror ataking at charlie newspaper
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early this week. this is abc news new york. >> attorney general holder will represent the united states at meeting of world leaders in paris this weekend to talk about combating terrorism. >> during the hostage stand off police were getting friendships a 27-year-old man who was hidden in a cardboard box inside the building. for more than 6 hours. lillian if sent text messages to his father who passed themal to police. he toiled police the layout of the building and location of the gun men crucial information that commando used to time their assault on the building. french police say the gunman never knew the man was there at all. >> in union square tonight candle light vigil honor the victims of the terror attack in paris. french national and others stoodal bay area muslim lead investigators call for peace. organizers hope they will in the blame all muslim for terrorism committed by few extreme extremist. >> french national in the bay area watching the development
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in paris very closely. in san francisco customers at cafe if here glue to the news while discussing the tragedy. the reaction have been mixed come day -- come by nation of relief and continue and continuing concern about what's next. >> kind of sad they killed them we would like to see them go to try. it's good they caught them. >> i'm glad that this crisis is over for today. i'm very worried about my friend in paris and i know that they are very frightened and i hope that this is the the end of this activity for now. >> french national in san francisco say still just trying process all that has happened in the country. now we have continuing coverage of the terror attack in paris on air and on line at 7 is bring you any mainly dochl at we learn about them of course immediately and reporting continues on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. >> governor brown called his 113 billion dollar budget pre-carriesly balanced under his plan the governor will put
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more money into the state rainy day savings fund. more money will also go to expanding medi-cal and helping camp through 12 education. the college system are complaining he's not giving them enough. pe asks them to do more with less. >> governor brown record budget could set up a higher education show down. the education reporter with more now on what this all means for the uc and csu systems. >> governor brown rejected the university of california request for additional two 20 million dollars. instead he gave uc a 120 million dollar increase. >> we've been increasing it. 120 million is not chum change. it's real money and some parts of the budget didn't get any increase. >> extra money comes from prop 30 approved by vote twors years ago. it raises taxes to fnd funded indication. but uc
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president nopolitano argue it wouldn't be enough to maintain the academic quality of the uc system. already the state is paying far less for student than it did in the 90's. >> there is incredible demand for uc education which really is a testament to the value of the university and we i say we meaning the university and california the needs a more educated work force. >> in november the board of regent approved raising tuition by as much as 5 percent each year for the fix!next year for the fix 5 years. if the state rejected the request for more money. her office said it was too early to say if that would now happen. the legislature may intervene and there may be an even greater surplus in the governor may revision the budget. >> this is not one way street. we are not going to stoobing with our hands out. we are saying we have done and will continue to did our part. >> used to be could you almost
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pay your way. not have any debt. >> this university can be a fine university. living within the fund we prepare 80thed. >> this month governor brown will prosecute pose the creation of advisory committee to fund ways to reduce uc cost struck take your. >> this is abc 7 news. >> richmond police officers started wearing body camera this week. officers will clip the camera to the outside of the uniform. tell determine when the camera will get turned on. now police leaders want officers to record any interaction with people that could be part of an investigation or may lead to potential use of force. only have 120 camera for the 1 80 person department so not every officer will have one. recent federal study show body camera reduce complaint against officers and cut the use of force by police. >> hundreds of jobs about to be lost in the south bay. coming up next at 9:00. up next at 9:00.en of the line for macy department store and the big mall it sits in could be in some trouble time. drew
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is here with the weather. >> maybe some hazy day with sunshine and temperature some 10 degrees above normal but i'm tracking changes that include our next chance for some rain. let you know with the accu-weather 7 day forecast. >> thank you drew. >> the face of the 2 climbers trying to scale kill captain using only hands and feet hard using only hands and f
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is. >> judge set bail for transgender woman accused of starting fires at the mrs. doubtfire house in san francisco where the movie was fild filmed. she pleaded not guilty to attempted murder. june did not allow to us get video of her in court. prosecutors say she set fires at the front door and garage of the home. the plastic surge on who lives there specializes in gender reassignment procedures. he says welch may be disgruntled former patient. once this risk but now troubled shopping malice losing one of the anchor tenant. macy is closing the store at this mall in cupertino. as david reports, the choice property along 280 could already be on the road to redevelopment. is. >> the onlg miss to go make this a wild west ghost town is a tumble weed this has been dying a slow death for i'd say as long as i have been working here. >> it's one of 111 employees losing their jobs because macy
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is closing. >> we usually have music playing sz 24-7 but for some reason the music was off this morning so it's very quiet. could hear a pin drop. just very somber. >> when it opened 39 years ago it was fashion park. sign still towers over the site. anchor store macy and sears and jcpenneyy drew in crowds but big box stores fall victim to shift of shoppers on line and competition from other mall. >> i think too much competition for this one. i saw it over the years when stores started closing years ago as you probably know. >> whole lower level is closed. >> lower closed. >> competition will grow as listened around is developed in the mix use retail residential project. with the new apple campus under construction close by and hiring on sharp rise more housing will be needed. so the 50 choice acre is ripe for redevelopment. made easier when the mall anchor tenant
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sold the buildings last year. jcpenney indicated this store won't be closing any earlier than march of next year. >> 70's and 80's you could come here and hang out and buy things and have places to sit and have coffee or drink or wvr you want to do. the but it's crazy. just crazy. >>reporter: already is new development in the block surrounding this mall and if the city of cupertino along with the mall developer come up with ideal plan what is currently a white elephant could soon become a gold mine. in cupertino david louie abc 7 news. >> another big announcement from macy parent company. federated plans to build a new bloomingdale store at valley fair san jose santa clara. 2 other bloomingdale in the bay areament one in palo alto the other in san francisco. also a bloomy outlet shop in livermore bloomy outlet shop in livermore. >> weekend is upon us and beautiful outside still. >> let's get a check on the
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weather. >> warm today guys. >> someplaces more than 10 degrees above normal. that will continue through the weak then sunday we are watching for the little chance of showers out there. just a little. minor chance. >> we take anything we get at this point. we show you been dry much of this week. not finding any activity. loan showers well east of the bay area so tonight we remain on the dry side. outlook early this afternoon from the emeryville camera as sunseting at 5:09:00 p.m. and you still notice on the horizon we had the haze spare the air in effect a we have another one on the way for tomorrow. so expect a similar sky tomorrow afternoon like we had today. it has been a tray stretch out here. last time it rained independent downtown san francisco way back on christmas eve where we picked up $700 inch of rain so it has been 16 consecutive days without rainfall. the dry stretch has been a rather mild one as well. look at the numbers on the 9th difficult of january across the bay area sfo oakland
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international up to high of 63 degrees. san jose a bit warmer than that. 65 degrees. the numbers are well above the normal high in the mid to upper 50's for this time of year. out here right now we see upper 40's to lower 50's open the board. 55 in san francisco. 52 oak land. 52 concord. 49 in hayward. 55 in san jose and napa currently checking in with the temperature of 49 degrees. satellite radar will show you throughout the day high clouds streaming throughout much of california. thanks for the area of low pressure just off the coast. this storm is going to die to the south. so too will much of the moisture but we do have a chance with south flow throughout the weekend could pick up an early sprinkle very early sunday morning. but the best bet looks to be in the south bay. take you to the future tonight you do notice mixture of stars clouds out there perhaps an area of fog to. another day of hazy sunshine. another spare the air day in effect. then early sunday morning that area of low pressure will scrape the southern section of our viewing area from san francisco south
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toward san jose. has a chance of picking up early morning sprinkle anything short lived by sunday midday we start to see the cloud clear out from north to south by sunday afternoon we see plenty of sunshine out there. pl long range forecast looking down the pipeline the next best chance i think for some solid substantial rainfall won't be until next weekend. you see saturday into sunday of next week we could see our cold front bring quarter inch of rain across the bay area. keep you updated on. that overnight low in the bay area. we see 46 san rafael. 50 san francisco. 48 overnight in oakland. 45 in fremont for overnight low. high tomorrow the see mixture of upper 50's to lower 60's. 59 downtown san francisco. 60 in richmond. 62 if san jose and high 60 in santa rest. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. spare the air in effect for tomorrow. hazy sunshine on sunday. sprinkle lead to afternoon sunshine then into the dry stretch once again into the dry stretch once again. monday tuesday wednesday pretty seasonable temperatures and dry in the
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forecast. >> all right we need some rip though. >> trying. >> thanks. >> still to come tonight on 7 news at 9:00. bay area kid getting brand new health clinic getting brand new health clinic. >> and wish comes true for 4 of the biggest little basketball fans still ahead why the kids got to ♪ ♪ ♪ first impressions are
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important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can.
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>> 2 and a half hours before the closure of the gelleden gate bridge. >> this is live picture from the san francisco side of the span. it's expted to be shut down in both directions until 4 monday morning in tomb for the morning commute so crew can install the new manufacture install the new manufacturable median barrier i feel the truck with the slates flashing. we'll keep you updated throughout the newscast and at 11 on channel 7 also on twitter at 7 news bay area. >> but moving on now. new
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health clinic opened in one richmond ask district that will did more than just offer medical services a. >> county county if clinic opens next month students able to get physical immunization plus eye and dental exam. >> beside student the clinic will also be open to community members would are 18 and younger. >> they are able to have the siblings and other family members come and be seen here as we also facilitate pediatric clinic. >> full-time clinic for places mobile health van visited the school twice a weak more than 300 young people expected to get medical help there every single month. >> very nice. another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9:00 is next. >> everybody has had to change plans. >> how the closure of the golden gate bridge is having a big financial impact on 2 cities. >> while we talk about traffic. where you will find the worst commute in the bay area and the
9:26 pm
upside to all this con investigation. >> space x is about to make another attempt at making a special delivery to the international space station. >> don't
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>> closure of the golden gate bridge will most certainly affect businesses on both side of the bridge. >> another live look at the bridge now from the camera at the north end of the span. restaurants retail stores in san francisco sausolito ready for the 3 day closure. >> 7 news wayne continues our coverage tonight with the tale of 2 cities. >> let the cunt down begin. >> trail with traffic and
9:30 pm
reroutding over the pwrnl and whatever way to get to the city. i go to a party that some people are throwing a stay in marin party tomorrow night. >>en of the world. >> no. >> justs the end of the wrl as we know it for pro precious days. >> san francisco on one side marin in the other. beginning in us a sausolito barrel house restaurant despite spectacular view reservation are down. >> 30 percent or so. >>reporter: nobody knows for certain. this weekend local might reclaim the streets or tourist might take bites from the city. overrun the place. >> i think it's going to be boom with people. >> as to who is not worrying anyone in or around san building with restaurants. shops and this weekend bonus 4 times the number of ferry boat all those passengers walking rate through here. >> i with not miss this t. >> ryan a street merchant selling dog leash made from old climbing rope. >> more people. more traffic flow. more dog owners. >>reporter: more worries in the marina district also known
9:31 pm
as turn around central. they are stichblingt you are stuck i'm not going any place. >>reporter: nor do they want to worry. certainly not john of the long established marina deli. >> i'm sure everything will be back normal monday morning. >>reporter: that would be the longview. how did you deal. >> i mean i'll probably just avoid the area. >>reporter: but you leif here. >> yes that's true. the. >> good luck with that. >> thank you. >>reporter: good luck. to us all. from may rip county abc 7 news. >> politic. could the third time be the charm for mitt romney. he told donor today that he's considering a third run for president. former massachusetts governor made run at the white house in 2008 and 12. and lost both times as you well know. today he situated he's just thinking about a third attempt but if it happens would he run a different kind of campaign this time around. this goes against romney
9:32 pm
repeated claim that we not run again despite calls in the party for him to do so. >> fbi justice department pros can youtors have recommended bringing felony charges against retired general david petraeus. accused of providing class fight information to his former mistress while director of the cia. attorney general holder will decide whether to seek indictment that could send pe electricity to prison if convicted. he was 4 star general who served as commander of american force in the irac and afghanistan. deputies ever giving any classified information in the former mistress who was writing his biography. >> space x just hours away now from taking another crook at deliver supplies to the international space station. company unmanned falcon rocket set to blast off before dawn tomorrow from cape canaveral florida with science experiment from logical kids open board. crew replace bad motor in the steering system that force tuesday launch to be scrubbed. nasa says the space station badly needs the supply and last
9:33 pm
shipment didn't make it when a space x ship exploded during launch last fall. >> marin biologist say sperm whale beached at point reyes was likely sick before it became stranded. the young male whale washed up on the beach near the lagoon yesterday. crew from the marin mammal center arrived this morning and the whale didn't survive e night. pigmy sperm whale are deep water animal. rarely scene the scene they will study the whale to learn more about the species. >> number of people who contracted measles after visiting disney theme park in anaheim grown to 15 now. orange county health officials say 5 more people have fallen ill wh the virus. 12 parents from california. 2 from utah and one from colonel republican and democrat o. each visited the park between december 15 and december 20. disney officials say they have not received any reports of staph contract thanksgiving highly contagious virus. >> people who have up beat outlook on life have much
9:34 pm
better heart health. new study from university of illinois examined cardio health in more than 5000 adults. team found people with high levels of optimism it was the odd of being in good heart health compared with mystic people. researchers found that optimist had better blood sugar and total cholesterol level and health behavior and. >> do it. >> feels like you can't ever beat the bay bridge traffic you might be right. >> still ahead. worst commute and the
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. >> all right. 1 more look one more reminder. the world famous gelleden gate bridge is about to close. >> the shut down is scheduled for 11:59 tonight. tick-tock tick-tock. this is a live picture from the san francisco
9:38 pm
side. >> that's right. set to reopen at 4 a.m. monday. more tonight on the abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7 on twitter at this site. >> it is official. traffic grid lock on bay area freeway worse than ever. >> how bad is it. here's 7 news reporter laura anthony. >> it's the flip side of a thriving economy. traffic congestion. >> bay area has some of the worst in the country. it's the first new study in 5 years. now new stretch of roadway has the dubious distinction being the area no. 1 most congested. in 2009 the west bond morning commute to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> now the no. 1 spot is actually held by the afternoon eastbound commute from san francisco out to the bay bridge. >> the bay bridge during the evening commute out of san francisco. it's no. 1 because that's where drivers spend the most time going 35 miles per
9:39 pm
hour or less. >> traffic is moving at 35 miles an hour or less through that corridor for seven hours in the afternoon from about 1 in the afternoon from about 1:30 to 8:30 in the afternoon. >>reporter: beside the bay bridge the rest of the top pen list relieved by the metropolitan commission touches nearly every part of the bay area. the morning commute on 8 80 south bond toward the silicone silicon valley. westbound over the past hear and northbound 101 in san m te'o county. >> many of the routes lead into the region 2 biggest employment centers which are san francisco and the silicon valley. >>reporter: mtc also study ways to ease congestion teaen of the this month the web site where users can plug into a particular area or stretch of roadway and learn more about how congested the commute really is. >> all right up next. the quest to conquer el captain. >> will 2 men finish
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9:43 pm
stz. >> immanuel putting these against the wall and climbing up the wall for half mile. santa rosa man and climbing partner are trying to do on el captain dawn wall 2 in yosemite captain dawn wall 2 in yosemite. item known as the hardest rock climb in the world hardest rock climb in the world. tiffany will so that has more on what they are up against. >>reporter: for most climbers the wall inspires all. for caldwell it issued a challenge. >> it will be the hardest free
9:44 pm
climb that has been done. >>reporter: since 2007 caldwell investigated every mm. in the grn it. santa rosa native kevin joined the effort 5 years ago. now they are two week in the a free climb the wall. >> it's taken 40 years for climbing to progress to a point where this is going to be possible. >>reporter: to show you just how advanced they are, these are some of the typical hold that someone learning to climb would use. new on the wall here kevin and tommy are clinging to hold about the width of this nickel. the wall contains 32 pitches or sections he cleared the most difficult 20. the support team sent a tweet saying kevin sent 15 epic hash-tag wall climber lingo for he cleared pitch 15. pitch 15 alaud him during previous attempt and many in the climbing community question if his hand were healthy enough to continue. >> he's literally cut his
9:45 pm
finger tip open from at the time hold and that is from us state stating position to be in. >> waiting means more time huddle in a 7 foot tent hoping the weather went turn. >> getting pretty rowdy. >>reporter: long time climber tom is photographing the wall quest. we spaebing spoke to him over the phone about their progress. >> anything can happen you know >> anything can happen you know. i like to say you tonight have it made until you have it done. >>reporter: today though they took some big steps forward. perhaps one day these novices will see the summit too. in san francisco, tiffany wilson abc 7 news. >> claimers know that any rain at this point could spell disaster for the attempt. >> could you immanuel fit starts raining how slick witness become. >> somebody would works without a net is meteorologist. >> sometimes you need one but we are talking about here locally live doppler 7hd it's dry. we take it to the
9:46 pm
national park unfortunately there is a chance it could get some rainfall the next 24 hours some rainfall the next 24 hours. look at the future mode by 3:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. area of low pressure just to the south around los angeles. moisture back into the higher elevation by tomorrow afternoon could be seeing snow showers in the highest peak and a little bit of rain following below couple thousand feet. all eye on the area for the sky. wet conditions by saturday afternoon. nationwide forecast shows you a largely area of high pressure really dominating the forecast. quiet but rather cold conditions to parts of the great lakes. east coast high of only 26 tomorrow despite tons of sunshine. 21 in new york city. south we good and dallas and new orleans dealing with ran showers an temperatures well below normal. here in california see mixture of sun cloud written around los angeles. 66 degrees 66 sacramento 64 yosemite. rain showers tomorrow afternoon. here in the bay area hazy with spare the air day in effect. high in the upper 50's to lower
9:47 pm
60's. start out the weekend. here's accu-weather forecast. sprinkle other which is cloud brick down and then much of next we can we faech sunshine dry conditions temperature above normal in the 60's. >> we really need a serious rain. >> bring us good rain. >> if you like this mark the calendar. restaurant chain giving away free food. they want to give organic tofu filling a special promotion. customers order an item on monday january 26 they get a 43 burrito. taco or salad in they come back in the next month. they rolled thought option nationwide in march of last year. >> golden state warrior curry granting wishes tonight. mick a wish kids got to practice with him in oakland today. they are all huge were your fan and curry is the idol. even got a special air cut for his
9:48 pm
team. another came all the way from albuquerque for this welcome break from hospital and surgery. >> amazing seeing his reaction to this. he's been over the moon especially ever since yesterday when he saw curry for the first time. he can't sleep. hard tame eating. he wants to play basketball constantly. >> pretty cool because he's like going in the best players in the league right now. >> so it's pretty cool. all the kids also got a pair of new curry the won basketball shoe an tickets to the game against the cavs. >> very cool. >> curry is open a real roll. >> not bad. >> not the same league at this point. >> some day. some day. although we do both have sports center commercial. in a few moments here and old coach is back. jackson talking warrior
9:49 pm
and getting paid to do so. his return t female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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>> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00 we are hours away from historic golden gate bridge closure. some roads have already been shut down in fact tonight the option to get across the bay this weekend.
9:52 pm
>> plus overcoming obstacle. athlete for severe injuries facing the challenges. thanks to bay area researchers. impact and results that are sheer inspiration. >> shows stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. . >> we mention the make a wish kids getting to be at the game tonight for the were yours hopefully a good show. >> i bet they did. >> this is a close game. closer maybe than you would have thought. we lacked at the schedule months ago. tonight game figure to be all about lebron james and the cavs against the warriors. king james hurt though so the big story lane actually was return of ex warrior coach jackson working for espn. shook hands for the owner. stand ago vegas from the fan and curry nice to see. a lot of love in the house. cavs strong out of the gate. smith acquired from the 96. 25 points for jr. an draw bogus second game back from injury. thompson got a dog
9:53 pm
named rock o. 20 in the first half. here's jackson thompson. >> knock it down. excuse me. defend it in the air. rocco at home. loving it. >> rocco. not a lot of energy. don't come in here. curry. 19 points starting at a run. with authority. the this is green. big words. 4 minutes left. what happened. trevor booker. patty cake it backwards up and in. are you serious? that's all company do with two tenths left. thunder won the game 99-94 but that is the shot of the forever. i think. any way women hoop no. 15 stanford and washington williams at 12
9:54 pm
points and 15 boards for the huskies. you dub up 7. cardinal come back thompson. stop and pop. 51-50 game. 30 seconds left. thompson the bank is open. late tonight banking. she had 12. stanford a winner 60-fwichblingts the fifth consecutive victory. cal on the road at washington state on the road at washington state. first half britney. fired up there. nasty cross over by boyd. that was sick. 12 points 12 board. green. to gray. cherry pick to the easy lane. game high 24. cal wins and conference play. most scrutinize the in nfl display on sunday belong to packers quarterback rodgers. big factor green bay play off game with the cowboy. maybe won't matter at all. >> listed as probable despite
9:55 pm
having a slight tear in the calf muscle. hurt in week 16. aggravated week 17. it's a go on sunday. nobody knows. >> we do training room and do a great job make me feel better. with acupunctures every now and then. frainers general manager was officially introduced as washington redskins new gm today. he's regarded as excellent talent but basically drank his way out of jobs with the niners and the seattle seahawks and the redskins grilled him before giving him the job about whether he can handle nfl stress without alcohol. >> i thought it was good to get the truth out there i'm not ashamed about it. wept through a tough phase in my life. >> i just tell you i grau professionally and personally
9:56 pm
got me the spot to be able to dot job. if i could do it would i not do this in the situation whatsoever. >> with the first ever college football play off coming up monday night oregon got hit with bad news. receiver daryn carrying ton failed the drug test and will not play in the title game. marijuana big loss with the duck. kiring ton no. 2 receiver just had 7 catches for 1 26 yards and 2 touch downs in the rose bowl against florida statement semifinal game so it's oregon minus carrying ton against ohio state for the national championship monday night january the 12 5 monday night january the 12 5:30 kick off on espn and the watch the app. they rae least sports center commercial beach ring curry eating curry. >> not again. i didn't know you are watching last tonight thank you guys. means a lot thank you.
9:57 pm
fight today chicken curry. 54 points last week. the next day curry stew. if the i don't thank you so much thank you. means a lot. lace them every tonight for guys like you. who was that guy? i don't know. if seems to like the chicken though. >> that is a great commercial. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. stan with the spot very, very good. good stuff. >> those are fun. >> they do a million of them and seth did his part he acted it out. thank you guys. thank you. >> pulled it off. >> the and the shoe. he's on a roll. >> superstar we are watching bona fide superstar. >> thanks. >> thanks forever joining us. >> for all of us here we appreciate your time. >> and we are always on line at
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facebook twitter and bay area see you at 11 on 7.
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♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc. ugh. come on, jules. it's a game. just pick any celebrity you'd wanna have sex with for an hour. an hour? no one. okay, 15 minutes. dan rather. it's a long story. are you really wearing that t-shirt?
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yeah. i've never been to ohio, but i do love this shirt, because the o's frame my boobs perfectly


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